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F2P is broken! often less than 5% of players chooses to pay for the services.

The fact of the matter is that the “core” of the problem is that the games industry at large haven’t figured out HOW F2P gamers like to pay for their gaming experience. But the solution has already been found in local markets in various different games in “one off” efforts with good results.

Gamers are willing to pay for products and services that they already are using and paying for out-of-game, if presented with the option to do so in relation to their gaming experience. So Reward International is pursuing the next logical step and rolling out the Reward to Play business model on global scale at the Reward Hub, to be including all services and products that gamers are willing to pay for and are already paying someone else for. Reward to Play (R2P) is the solution!

1. Gamers play as they do today, but they get rewarded with Cryps tokens!

2. Our Marketplace – the Reward Hub, offers in-game and ”in-life” products/services for the gamers to buy with their Cryps tokens!